Announcing our MortgageKanban

Yesterday, we launched the newest and most revolutionary feature of the Smartr365 platform to date. We’ve spent many months researching the fastest and easiest way for you to process a mortgage – and this is how our MortgageKanban was created. Originally used in ‘lean’ manufacturing, it is a schedule and workflow management tool designed with you in mind – to manage your mortgage applications seamlessly from start to finish. It lays everything out in a visually intuitive and accessible way, allowing you to view all your clients in one place. But what exactly does Kanban mean and how does it work? Read our blog to find out more.

The term ‘Kanban’ is Japanese for ‘visual signal’ or ‘card’. Our MortgageKanban breaks the mortgage application process down into a series of visual steps, with clients represented by cards. The worktool gives a clear overview of all client cases, displayed by appropriate status or ‘swim lanes’. New leads, client meetings, DIPs, mortgage completions and payment of procuration fees are all displayed as cards within the system. Each card moves from left to right across the board once each step is completed. We’ve created a short video to explain how it all works here:

Smartr365’s Introductory Video on MortgageKanban

Our MortgageKanban also has a filter option to allow you to focus on specific parts of the process, and as each of your client’s cases progresses, it triggers certain automations. For example, automated email notifications, client review meetings, or generating remortgage opportunities, are all ways to free up time for brokers to focus on advice.

We’re really excited to launch this feature as we feel there is nothing out there in the mortgage space quite like it. It really is the first end-to-end Kanban process in the mortgage space. At Smartr365, we listen to advisers and our software is all about making your life easier to free up your time to focus on what matters most – providing advice.