The business case for having a good customer relationship management (CRM) system is clear. Effective CRM enables brokers to collect, access and use client data more effectively in a post-GDPR world. That means organising and automating tasks to reduce paperwork and time spent on admin as well as driving efforts to improve sales and profitability. CRM is specifically designed to help improve customer relationships – the cornerstone of a broker’s business. 

Without a CRM, new and potential opportunities can be missed. So how can brokers get it right? Click the link to read our top tips on choosing the right CRM solutions for your brokerage and why Smartr365 could be the right option for you.

A CRM system captures and digitises client data, turning it into useful, actionable insights that can transform a broker’s business. A strong CRM solution allows you to spend less time pushing paper and more time on the activities that deliver value – providing advice and generating new opportunities.

Even if the arguments for investing in CRM are clear, the choice of system to choose is more complex. That choice will depend on what your business already has in place, what it needs, and how those requirements may change in future. These answers will vary from brokerage to brokerage, but the key questions that should be asked will remain the same:


Do you prefer to ‘cherry pick’ specific features and functions to fill in gaps, or do you need a full end-to-end solution? 

While cherry-picking means you can slot new systems into your current setup, in the long run, this may not be the most effective solution for your business. The parts that still rely on manual and inefficient processes will often slow the whole process down and old systems fail to adopt powerful analytics, big data, increased automation and cloud deployment.

In comparison, end-to-end solutions can give advisers everything they need seamlessly and tend to be the most cost-effective way to deliver a better, smoother experience for customers than cherry picking several different systems. If you want to find out more on the advantages of end-to-end solutions, check out our COO’s blog here! 


How should it be deployed? On-site? Or would users benefit from anytime, anywhere access to data hosted in the Cloud? 

Smartr365’s system is a cloud-first platform for the mortgage process. Completely secure and easy to use, its powerful features save time and help you increase sales. With bank-grade security and credit checking and digital identity verification built in, it can deliver everything your system needs.

How will the system fit in with other applications: does the CRM solution being considered integrate seamlessly with Hometrack and Twenty7Tec, for instance? 

Powered by the Twenty7Tec mortgage sourcing engine, Smart365 will find the most appropriate mortgage products for your clients at the touch of a button. Our integration with Hometrack allows you to see upfront property values in real time. Discovering the property value accurately and early on the process can improve your customers journey and increase certainty, while avoiding unnecessary and costly delays.

What sort of customisation and training options are available, and what do you need? 

While it’s easy to buy a CRM system, not all companies will then help you integrate this into your existing business. Many will leave you hanging when it comes to training. At Smartr365, we have a team of over 25 developers who are on hand to help. We work with brokers every step of the way and are constantly looking for ways to improve – so if there is something you feel needs fixing, tell us! We continually invest in the Smartr365 technology platform to ensure advisers benefit from the best software offering available in the UK mortgage market.


Does the system offer GDPR-compliant, bank-grade security?

With hundreds of files on client data, your CRM system needs to be GDPR compliant. Smartr365 can protect your client records, with bank-grade security for peace of mind, customer confidence and GDPR compliance.

Buyers should always request a demo or a free trial to truly get a feel of the system. It is, after all, among the most important investments brokers will make, and they – and their customers – need to make sure it’s the right solution for them.

Smartr365 is much more than a CRM. Our end-to-end mortgage platform provides CRM functionality alongside everything else an adviser needs, including a digital fact-find, online identification and verification process, pre-population of client data, integrated mortgage and protection sourcing and property valuations.


If you’re interested in what Smartr365 has to offer, please get in contact with us and Book a free trial demo here.