The Smartr365 team drives everything we do, and we’re keen for you to meet them and see the people behind the frictionless mortgage. This time, we spoke to our Operations Manager, Melissa Obika, about her role at Smartr365.

Smartr365: Hi Melissa! Let’s keep it simple to begin – what does your day-to-day job at Smartr365 involve?

MO: Hi! I’ve got quite a varied role here. My time is generally split between oversight of the client on-boarding process and really diverse project work. As Operations Manager, it’s my job to make sure all our processes run smoothly.

I also distribute our Smartr Insights newsletter, containing company updates and blogs, to keep our clients and contacts up to date on everything we’re getting up to here.


Smartr365: So making sure clients are looked after is a big part of it, then?

MO: Absolutely. It’s really important that brokers understand the full potential of the Smartr365 platform, and that we’re with them every step of the way once they’ve started using it. I make sure that clients always have the support they need, starting from their conversations with our sales team and continuing through the whole of the time they’re using Smartr365. Our dedicated support team works closely with the sales team so they know about each client’s needs, and I help to facilitate that.


Smartr365: Sounds great! What about your project work?

MO: This is the most varied part of my job, and I really enjoy being involved in all the brilliant different things that Smartr365 does. This can range from feature development and integration of external services to advertising and events that spread the word about the frictionless mortgage. We’ve got some really exciting things in the works at the moment, and it’s always a fast-paced environment in the office!


Smartr365: Can we have any behind the scenes info?

MO: Unfortunately not – but keep your eyes peeled for announcements, as we’re always working on new stuff and you’ll get to see it all soon enough!


Smartr365: Can’t wait! Your role sounds like it keeps you very busy, but what do you do outside the office?

MO: I’d say my biggest passion is travel – I love to get out of the UK to explore new places and experience new things. My favourite destination is Asia, and I was in Bali and Laos recently and loved it! I’m heading out to South America later in the year, and will be going to Chile, Argentina, and Peru. When I’m not away, I like to see friends and enjoy all the brilliant things to do in London.