Verifying that a borrower is who they say they are is one of the most important security checks a mortgage adviser needs to do. But it can take days to process and you could be liable if mortgage fraud occurs – but Smartr365 can help you reduce the risk with Digidentity.


Mortgage fraud can happen in a number of ways from faking income to using false identities or deliberately falling into arrears. With Smartr365, this risk can be seriously reduced. We work with Digidentity, meaning all advisers who use our platform are using standard verification.


With Digidentity carrying out over 250 million verifications last year, your clients can upload digital ID documents – like utility bills, ID and passport.


While filling out information, your client can use the Digidentity app to verify their ID. After taking a picture of their ID and a profile of their face, Digidentity confirms whether the two match, and then runs any background checks needed for the mortgage application.


This means you and your customer get verification instantly, carrying out checks to the highest standard there currently is on the market. Rather than having to wait days for documents to arrive in the post, or risk being lost.  


With National Scam Awareness week coming up, don’t fall foul of mortgage fraud.  Find out more how Smartr365 can transform your business and book your demo here.

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