Working practices are changing as people increasingly want to work from home or be able to access their emails on the move. Smartr365 lets you work remotely just as easily as you can work at your desk. Check out these five Smartr365 features that keep your business moving when you’re on the move:


1.     Digital dashboard

Smartr365 provides a clear and easily understood snapshot of your business, including performance statistics and key customer and new business data in a single, consolidated view. This is accessible whether you’re working from home, on the train or abroad.

2.     Automated client management

As an application progresses through the Smartr365 platform, processes will be automatically triggered to arrange meetings and request information from the borrower – meaning you don’t have to. This saves the hassle of manually sending correspondence, and means that when you’re on the move or working away from your desk, client cases are progressing.


3.     Sales pipeline and application tracking

Keeping on top of active cases and new business leads is a vital part of growing your business. Smartr365 lets you view each in one place, accessible from the Smartr365 platform wherever you are. This saves you time, helps you deliver a better service, and increases client win rates so your business can continue to grow.

4.     Digital documents

Smartr365’s digital document store means that you don’t need physical paperwork to progress a mortgage application. Digital copies of documents are held in the document store and can be viewed, verified and actioned from anywhere.

5.     Cloud storage

If anything ever goes wrong with physical servers or systems, brokers that use Smartr365 will have remote access to regularly backed up data that is held securely on cloud servers. This means that not only is your client data never in danger of being lost, but it’s also safe.

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