The volume of paperwork for mortgage applications has soared in the last decade. Collecting and keeping track of the documents involved can be a headache brokers really don’t need. That’s why Smartr365 offers SmartrDoc to comply, collect, organise, store and share all your mortgage documents.

Waiting for documents and lost paperwork can prolong the mortgage process and cause frustration for both brokers and their clients. At best, the task of storing, managing and sharing documents adds to brokers’ workloads, without adding value. It’s time that could be better spent elsewhere.

SmartrDoc gives brokers that time back and massively reduces the paperwork burden. It provides a simpler, more efficient and more sophisticated way to manage all your mortgage documents.

First, it uses the cloud to securely store and manage documents: key documents are saved automatically; brokers can manage and share documents online; and clients can upload, view and sign multiple documents from wherever they are – for example passports, ID and council tax.

Second, the solution integrates seamlessly with tools for digital ID and address verification (with Digidentity), bank transaction data (using MogoPlus), credit checking (Experian), and Hometrack property valuations. Documents and data from all these providers are automatically collected and stored, without customers having to resubmit forms or brokers having to lift a finger. Everything really is stored in one place.

The result? Brokers spend less time chasing and managing paperwork, and more time looking after their clients and their business. And customers enjoy a smoother, simpler and faster mortgage process.

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