Reducing friction in the mortgage process is an example of those happy and often too rare times where the interests of an industry and its customers are perfectly aligned. It saves time and money for advisers; and reduces delays and boosts convenience for clients. But, to be successful, we have to address everyone in the house buying process, including estate agents. Read our CEO Conor Murphy’s thoughts on how technology can help agents create a smoother house buying process here.


For brokers, Smartr365 can automate work flows and many of the key tasks that normally prolong the buying process: ID and address verification, income verification, credit checks, and property valuations. For borrowers, it simplifies off-putting tasks such as affordability assessments, enables them to quickly download and upload documents, and provides real-time visibility of the process.


But house buying doesn’t just involve borrowers and brokers. Lenders, and particularly estate agents, play a central role. It’s important that they, too, are using the best available technology.

This is a win-win for agents and their clients: customers enjoy a smoother, more transparent and faster process, and agents can cut their costs and workload.

That’s why more and more brokers are turning to tools such as Smartr365 to manage their business. Just as it works for advisers, it helps simplify and accelerate the house purchase process for agents:

• Providing better lead management, so that they never lose sight of potential buyers or sellers

• Improving reporting capability, with agents able to quickly create and publish custom reports on sales, leads, conversion rates and other KPIs

• Improved monitoring and control of the sales pipeline, with at-a-glance visibility of the sales process and chain

• Quick, compliant KYC with up front ID and address verification and anti-money laundering checks

Crucially, agents, as much as advisers, have a strong interest in prioritising an end-to-end mortgage journey. By creating a better experience for their clients, they can reduce the number of sales that fall through, and improve the efficiency of their own business. And if they’re using Smartr365 themselves, they can also have the confidence that they’re working with an adviser backed by the best tools available to achieve a better house buying process for their customers’ sakes, as well as their own.


Technology developments have the power to radically improve the customer experience and promote a more efficient industry. If we’re to achieve this goal, though, all those involved need to work together.