At Smartr365 we’re always working to bring new features to our platform to deliver the best possible experience for our brokers. Recently, we updated our development process and we now follow an extremely efficient approach to feature development. Interested in knowing more about the nitty gritty side? Find out how we build features with our product manager Cameron Parsons to give brokers an automated, end-to-end mortgage journey here.

Smartr365’s development process rests on an agile methodology, which has a continuous delivery of new and innovative features at its core. We know that brokers want any problems they face to be solved as quickly as possible, and the agile approach is the best way to ensure that we can provide the solutions they need.

Each development cycle is divided into 2 week ‘sprints’. A sprint is a period of intense work, based on a plan made at the beginning of the first week with clear objectives to be achieved. A feature may require several sprints to reach full readiness, and breaking the process down into manageable portions means that we can continuously and rigorously test what we build.

So that we can bring new aspects to the platform as quickly as possible, we split the building process across several different layers and teams, each of which focuses on specific elements of a feature or solution. Spreading our expertise in this way means that each team is dedicated to a particular task, delivering better quality results and minimising the time required to develop each part of a feature. Each team works collaboratively with the others, sharing insights and owning issues together so that the process is as efficient as possible.

It used to take several months to develop a feature from start to finish – now, it can take just a few weeks. This is essential for brokers. Delayed processes quite literally cost them time, and more importantly money, taking their attention away from delivering advice and forcing them to complete repetitive administrative tasks. By shaking up out development process, we are now fantastically placed to rapidly deliver new functionalities as and when the broker community tells us they have a problem that needs solving.