One of the greatest opportunities facing the mortgage industry is using technology to make brokers’ everyday roles easier. However, adopting new systems and embracing change can often be a worry for smaller firms. At Smartr365, we want to help businesses of all sizes take the step towards better performance and growth – read below to see how we help small firms do that here.

The demands facing mortgage brokers can be magnified for smaller firms, with more pressure on margins and resources, and successfully changing operations even more crucial. With Smartr365, brokers can be confident that by embracing technology, they will have more time to deliver crucial advice to clients and augment the roles of every employee.

It’s vital that small firms take advantage of the technological tools on offer to help them compete against big firms with more resources.

That starts with the automation of time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks, removing the need to re-key data and speeding up crucial processes. Rather than replacing administrative roles, Smartr365 gives people the ability to handle increasing volumes of work, paving the way for business growth.

Features such as SmartrDoc, our document store which digitises the collection and storage of crucial paperwork, and the MortgageKanban, which helps brokers track active applications and automatically triggers workflows and client management, remove the hassle and stress from the everyday tasks brokerages carry out.

The key, though, is that our platform is built by brokers, for brokers. We listen to everyone throughout the industry, and we develop our features to solve the problems it faces. When a broker adopts our platform, we’re with them every step of the way to ensure that it is successfully integrated into their operations.

To find out more about the Smartr365 platform, and how you can use our technology to improve your business and pave the way for growth, head to our website.