The mortgage process is only as quick as its slowest part, and some involve more than just the broker. Conveyancing is an important but time-consuming and complex part of the home buying process, with plenty of opportunity for delays. Smartr365’s latest integration with eConveyancer minimises the time required for conveyancing  – read how we can help you save time and deliver a better service to clients here.

There is a wide range of things in the conveyancing process that can hold up property transactions. Not all of those are avoidable, but good communication and effective coordination between the broker and the conveyancer are key to avoiding some of the most obvious.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the ability to manage that relationship isn’t built into brokers’ systems. Advisers must search out the solicitor themselves, or get the contact details from the client, write to them, and then feed the information back into their own system. It’s a cumbersome, manual process and often results in unnecessary delays in even beginning the conveyancing process, along with the risk of errors.

That’s why we’ve integrated eConveyancer, the leading online comparison service for conveyancing, into the Smartr365 platform. Used by over 4,000 mortgage brokers, as well as well-known lenders, networks and estate agents, brokers can use eConveyancer to select a solicitor the client has chosen, or help them find one. Advisers can search for a provider, get a quote, and even send an instruction, all from within Smartr365. And, they can have the reassurance that all instructions sent through the system will be acted on within 48 hours. In many cases, brokers and their clients can complete instruction in just two minutes.

Smartr365 doesn’t just stop with the instruction, though – it offers a comprehensive platform to manage the relationship, bringing the broker, solicitor, and client together to keep them on the same page. Solicitors can track and drive the process from application submission to legal completion through Smartr365, ensuring actions are completed quickly. Clients can follow the process at every step, saving time, promoting trust, and reducing time spent fielding queries.

With conveyancing integrated tightly into the end-to-end process, Smartr365 reduces the chances of delays, and promotes smoother, better working relationships to keep the home buying process moving.