With more and more homeowners choosing longer-term remortgage deals, the pressure on every mortgage transaction is higher than ever. The mortgage market is becoming increasingly competitive, with the role of traditional advice at risk of being side-lined. Smartr365 can help you maintain constant and engaged relationships with your clients and give you an edge over the competition – read how here.

Price comparison sites, aggregators, and lenders are all threatening to take business away from mortgage advisers. When the time to remortgage comes around, getting a new deal through one of these routes might be quick, but it comes without expert advice and borrowers are unlikely to find the best deal for them and their circumstances.

Advisers can, and should, take responsibility for making sure borrowers understand the value they can bring. Maintaining continuous and engaged relationships with clients throughout their previous mortgage deal is one of the best ways to do so, and Smartr365 can help take the hassle out of the process.

Smartr365 automates many different parts of the mortgage application, and it can also automate client contact throughout their mortgage deal. This can include market and product information, among other updates, and more importantly can deliver timely reminders of the value of consulting an adviser in the lead up to remortgaging.

By taking this task off your to-do list, Smartr365 can give you more time to spend delivering advice, and therefore puts you in the best position to retain clients when they get to the end of their current deals. You can find out more about how Smartr365 can help with client contact and other areas of your mortgage business by getting in touch or scheduling a demo.