There are lots of different technologies out there to help mortgage advisers streamline their business. Each different service comes with its own costs, and making different systems work together can be a headache. With Smartr365’s integrations and native features, you can access everything you need in the same place, and pay less for it. Find out more about the value of Smartr365 here.

Advisers have access to many systems which can improve the mortgage process at different stages, from sourcing to ID & income verification to property valuation. Each of these comes with its own monthly fees and advisers will more often than not have to re-enter client data for each individual service.

When this has to be done across hundreds of mortgage applications, time savings are minimised and the value of using technology falls.

The solution, for both efficiency and cost effectiveness, is to use a platform which combines integration of third-party services and native features. This way, data can be carried over from process to process and auto-populated to prevent the need for re-keying. When different stages of the mortgage application are joined up in this way, processes can also be fully automated, removing the need for any adviser input at all.

A truly joined up experience can give advisers more time to focus on delivering advice, and can also save your business money. Using the Smartr365 platform is the best way for you to take advantage of the technological advantages currently available in the mortgage market, helping to streamline your business for less.

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