Many advisers across the country are members of mortgage networks or clubs, and are often expected to use particular software or systems. Smartr365 is committed to integrating any and all software which can enhance your everyday role, so you can keep using systems with which you’re familiar when you become a Smartr365 user. 

Adopting new technology can be a troubling prospect for many advisers, but when you’re mandated to use particular systems, the idea of a switch can be even more daunting.

That’s not the case with Smartr365. We’ve already integrated or partnered with market-leading providers of solutions for sourcing, ID & income verification, and other key parts of the mortgage process alongside our own innovative features.

This means that if you’ve always sourced products through Twenty7tec or SmartrCriteria, for example, you can carry on doing so when you adopt Smartr365. No matter the solution, we want to give advisers access to the best systems from within our platform, and giving brokers this flexibility is central to how we develop our offering.

We also have a dedicated on-boarding and support team who are ready to step in and guide advisers to make switching to and staying with Smartr365 as frictionless and seamless as possible.

You can find out more about how you can becomes a Smartr365 user by getting in touch or scheduling a demo.