It’s no secret that the competition for customers in the mortgage market is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rise of online, app based and execution-only business, end-to-end client management is more important than ever to ensure successful client acquisition and retention.

The importance of end-to-end client management cannot be understated in the current market. Recent months have seen a rise in online, app-based and execution only business, all of which threaten to take customers away from intermediaries. In order to have the edge in the battle for business, you therefore need to ensure that you are providing regular and meaningful contact with customers throughout their journey.

Maintaining this interaction with customers is often easier said than done, especially during increasingly long fixed terms, but client management must not stop at the sale. Manual systems can become confusing and existing clients can be forgotten as the focus shifts to new business. That’s why Smartr365 gives brokers the option to automate client contact. We provide the customer with monthly updates on their mortgage status, as well as the available options throughout their fixed term – all without the adviser lifting a finger.

You can rest assured that your clients are kept informed, while freeing up time to provide a more effective service to those who are in need of the human touch. This will ultimately lead to better and longer lasting client relationships, which are vital when the time comes to remortgage.

You can find out more about how Smartr365 can help with client contact and other areas of your mortgage business by getting in touch or scheduling a demo.