One of our main aims at Smartr365 is to drive innovation to increase advisers’ efficiency. We do this by providing a market leading product which uses automation to effectively streamline the mortgage process. 

From the initial fact find to completion, the average mortgage application takes an adviser between 6 and 8 hours. Too large a portion of this time is spent manually re-entering key data into various systems. That’s where APIs come in.

APIs are what allow applications to ‘talk to each other’. This communication between applications can streamline the mortgage process by allowing you to swiftly and securely send raw data from the borrower directly to the lender, freeing up your time to focus on building and maintaining strong client relationships.

To compete in the market and maintain the position that advisers currently hold, you need to offer the same standard of streamlined experience as major tech players like Netflix and Amazon. At Smartr365, we have created a market leading platform that harnesses APIs to their full ability to help you do this.

Brokers have the advantage in the tech revolution as they are smaller and more receptive to innovation than lenders using large legacy systems. It is essential that you realise this and make the most of available systems like Smartr365.

By adopting an end-to-end platform like Smartr365 today, you can ensure that you are delivering the best possible service to your customers tomorrow and beyond, driving growth and profitability.

Find out more about how we can help maintain strong client relationships by reading our Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide or by scheduling a demo.