Recent statistics have shown that the threat of product transfers is not going away. The number of borrowers choosing to switch their mortgage internally has risen by 7.3% in the past year and advisers need to work to tackle this threat to their business head on. 

The importance of the adviser-client relationship is paramount when it comes to driving repeat business. The biggest obstacle that most advisers face when it comes to maintaining client contact is a lack of time. Manual processes and endless spreadsheets lead to confusion and ultimately, clients being forgotten. End-to-end platforms like Smartr365 help you to map, track and manage applications without lifting a finger.

The Smartr365 platform automatically generates emails at key contact points within the client’s journey to ensure a smooth and engaged process. After completion, the platform provides the customer with monthly updates on their house value, outstanding mortgage and equity position. Towards the end of the fixed term, the platform can provide borrowers with their available options for remortgaging. And when the time comes for the human touch, you are notified and personal contact is restored.

With this kind of technology, you can defend against the threat of product transfers by challenging lenders head on with excellent customer relationships and consistent contact. It guarantees that you are in the picture throughout the initial mortgage application and the fixed term, so that you are at the forefront of the customer’s mind when the time comes to remortgage.

Find out more about how we can help maintain strong client relationships by reading our Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide or by scheduling a demo.