Attracting and retaining the right talent is key to the success of any broking firm, and it’s long been a challenge for the mortgage industry. In fact, the number of advisers has shrunk by almost two thirds over the last decade. But, by using technology to simplify your advisers’ role, you can ensure that the best and brightest will pick you over your competition.

The underlying elements of a compelling career opportunity are easy to identify: interesting work and attractive rewards. The mortgage industry can provide both of these, but only if you have the right systems for advisers to manage the process.

To reward your advisers well, your firm needs to be productive. Sourcing new business and converting leads into sales is a key part of this, as is shortening the time needed to process clients. Streamlining these tasks will help to boost the funds you have available to reward your top performers by minimising the time spent on paperwork.

Just as importantly, the same inefficient processes and manual tasks which reduce productivity are also a significant barrier to creating a satisfying experience for advisers. The vast majority of your employees want to spend their time interacting with clients and developing relationships.

To make sure you’re attracting the best and brightest, you need to make sure you can give prospective employees what they’re searching for, and Smartr365 is the best way to do that. Automated processes and intuitive, digitised systems take the hassle out of mortgage advice – find out more about how our platform can boost your business’ talent here.