Client retention has become an uphill struggle for brokers in recent years. The threat of increasing product transfers, together with the imminent reintroduction of execution only business, will make it difficult for advisers to retain clients. It’s nearly 2020; it’s time to ditch the spreadsheet and see what an end-to-end platform can do for your business.

Advisers who want to retain their clients need to implement technology that will cut down manual tasks and streamline the mortgage process. Smartr365 removes the need to repeatedly enter the same data to multiple systems and provides a clear, visual representation of the client’s journey at all times. This means less time spent on admin, and more time spent providing an effective and comprehensive service. As a result, you can focus on building the relationships that are essential when it comes to repeat business.

Even after completion, Smartr365 helps you maintain an excellent customer relationship by sending out automated updates on the house value, outstanding mortgage, equity position, and available options throughout their fixed term. Then, when the time comes to discuss remortgaging and human interaction is needed, the system automatically generates an appointment, seamlessly putting you back in the picture.

Find out more about how we can help improve your client retention rates by reading our Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide or by scheduling a demo.