A combination of slow house price growth and historically low lending rates has culminated in a growth in buyers joining the property ladder or looking to remortgage. This presents a great opportunity for advisers, but where can you find the time to do it? Read here about how Smartr365 can give you additional time to source and win new business.

Sourcing new business is vital to the survival of your business, but often it can fall behind when you have more pressing issues staring you in the face. End-to-end platforms like Smartr365 allow you to automate client contact and reduce the need to re-enter the same information into different systems. On average, advisers save 6 hours and 20 minutes by switching to Smartr365 – the same amount of time it would take to fly to Reykjavik and back! And if you’re not on a return flight to Iceland, you could use that saved time to source and win new clients.

You need a platform which lets you prioritise what really matters to your business and react to events and changes in the market as they happen. Smartr365 gives you the time back and also helps you make the most of new leads with the MortgageKanban to track cases all the way through from acquisition to completion.

Find out more about how we help you save time and win clients by reading our Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide or by scheduling a demo here.