Most brokers get into the industry through their love of a fast-paced environment and the desire to deliver the best possible deals for their clients. However, repetitive paperwork and confusing spreadsheets mean that broking can sometimes feel more like an administrative role than a client facing career. Using the latest technology can remove the repetitive admin from tasks, however, and put the fun back into the job. 

End-to-end, integrated systems like Smartr365 automate about 90% of the labour-intensive repetitive tasks that absorb the majority of a broker’s time on each case. Smartr365 allows data from the fact-finding stage to be entered into the system automatically and conclusively. The system then uses this data to populate forms for regulated advice, instructions for solicitors and surveyors, decisions in principle and the mortgage application itself.

Eliminating the need to re-enter data saves a huge amount of a broker’s time, which boosts productivity and means you can focus on what they enjoy, whether that’s building meaningful relationships with existing clients or sourcing new business. Freeing up time further means you can focus on lucrative insurance sales, which are all too often an afterthought in the process.

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