Technology has vastly improved the homebuying market and changed the adviser’s role within it. Customers are now able to search the products available to them online, which means that advisers need to up their game to stand out in the crowd and prove their worth. 

Technology is driving innovation within the mortgage industry, so it is essential that advisers adapt in order to keep up. By using tech to streamline their operations, advisers will be able to free up time to do something that no IT system can do – provide effective and personalized customer service to clients.

Smartr365 allows brokers to efficiently manage their operations on a single platform, automating up to 90% of their workload. This frees up a significant amount of time that can be used to win new clients and develop positive relationships with current ones. By automating emails at key points during a client’s journey, Smartr365 not only ensures that no time is wasted, but also guarantees that no client contact point is missed. This blend of powerful technology and meaningful customer service is what sets modern day advisers apart from those of the past, and we’re proud to be driving this revolution.

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