Due to strict regulation within the mortgage industry, a large amount of supporting paperwork is necessary for each application that passes through a broker’s hands. As a result, ensuring that your business is compliant can be time and resource consuming, especially for smaller brokerages. 

Compliance is obviously a key aspect of the mortgage industry, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be monotonous and time consuming. Smaller brokerages simply don’t have the same resources or manpower to check each necessary box as the larger companies, and therefore can often find the pressure of compliance especially tough. That’s where Smare365 comes in.

Our market leading technology automatically draws in customer details, meeting dates and product choices from existing data. Brokers can then simply click and select the paragraphs and sentences that apply to each case, creating fully compliant documents with a clear paper-trail in minutes. Additionally, documents are time-stamped rather than being retrospectively recalled, which guarantees the integrity of each record.

Automating this process not only makes it straightforward and convenient, but also means that advisers can be confident that their paperwork meets all of the latest legal requirements.

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