With increased political stability and the uncertainty of Brexit fading, the mortgage market is expected to thrive in 2020. If the homebuying market picks up as is forecast by many, mortgage brokers face a busy year ahead. 

Research conducted by Masthaven Bank shows strong confidence amongst brokers in the UK, with 9 out of 10 maintaining an optimistic outlook for business in 2020 and many expecting their revenues to rise by double figures. 2020 has already seen a rise in house prices, mortgage applications and completions, as shown by UK Finance’s mortgage lending statistics released this month. If the market continues to gain further momentum, firms will need to ensure they have the best available tech in order to compete with the high street lenders.

Smartr365 can help by automating tedious administrative tasks, allowing more time for brokers to focus on getting the best deal for their clients and demonstrating their worth as an adviser. Suffice to say that Excel spreadsheets and disjointed CRM systems won’t cut it when it comes to providing a slick, joined-up service. Pair this with a large influx of customers and some firms may even have to turn clients away. By eliminating the need to complete repetitive admin throughout each client’s journey, however, firms will have the time they need to provide an excellent service to each and every client, throughout their entire journey.

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