Lots of modern services are now cloud-based, with the solutions accessed through a web browser – yet this isn’t the case with many mortgage platforms. That’s where Smartr365 is different. For broking businesses of all sizes, the cloud has significant advantages in terms of accessibility, agility, constant evolution, security, and eliminating the need for an in-house IT team. 

Accessibility: As long as you have an internet connection, you can access and interact with Smartr365’s platform to get the information you need on the go. You can also upload any necessary details and documents and track active cases wherever you are. As such, by using a fully mobile platform, your broking business can perform to the best standard – wherever you are.

Agility: The biggest downfall of legacy systems is the inability to change and grow the system quickly. By adopting a cloud-based solution such as Smartr365, your business can add or remove users to the system with ease, without the need to invest in additional servers or hardware. Cloud-based also means that at whatever rate your business expands, your tech can grow right alongside it.

Evolution: The mortgage industry doesn’t stand still, and neither does your business. Smartr365 is continually updated and enhanced, with new features released weekly and user feedback at the heart of development strategy. As the industry and the demands on your business change, evolution gives you more time to focus on providing excellent customer service, with the confidence of knowing that your tech is there to support you.

Security: Smartr365 is a cloud-first solution with automatic failover and data replication protocols in place. As such, if there were a serious event in the main data centre where Smartr365 is hosted, everything, including client information, would simply switch to another data centre and carry on seamlessly and securely.

Eliminating the need for in-house IT: Without the need to install, update, patch and otherwise maintain the software, you no longer need to dedicate time, resources and space within the office for an IT team. Instead, Smartr365 securely hosts and manages the software for you, ensuring it runs safely and securely.

You can find out more about how Smartr365 can futureproof your business by booking a demo.