Advisers are always looking for the best deals for their clients – location, financial situation, and future circumstances are all crucial considerations when it comes to advising your client on the best deal for them. But what about the environment and the environmental implications of your client’s home? With the popularity of ‘green mortgages’ on the up, it could be time to start seriously considering environmental factors when delivering advice.

Green mortgages give customers a better deal based on the energy efficiency of their home. To be considered for the lower rates, most lenders require the purchase of a new-build home with a predicted Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A or B. Although relatively small at the moment, there is a growing number of borrowers looking to factor their care for the environment into their including home-buying and borrowing, and by being aware of the products on offer, you can capitalise on this market.

Borrowers looking for Green Mortgages could even present as an stronger application candidates. Some figures suggest that the energy efficiency of a property may be a relevant predictor for whether a borrower will go into arrears with their payments or not, and an indicator of the future value of their home. This is, of course, to be taken with a pinch of salt and we are yet to find solid evidence that eco-minded borrowers present the perfect candidate long-term. However, these borrowers definitely present an interesting market that’s not to be ignored.

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