A vital consideration when searching for the right system to support your mortgage business is how it can help you stay ahead of the competition. Outdated, manual processes and inefficiencies have outstayed their welcome in the mortgage industry, but this is changing, and getting an advantage over competitors is fuelling a growth in new technology. Find out how Smartr365 is driving innovation within the market and can help your business stand out here.


As new entrants to the mortgage industry grow, and the best begin to achieve success at scale, inefficiencies are being driven out of the process. Digital-first platforms have changed customer expectations regarding speed and service. Patience is wearing thin for week-long delays waiting for the post when alternative services are offering the promise of a mortgage decision in seconds.

By 2020, “millennials” will comprise half of the UK workforce. Millennials have grown up surrounded by digital technology, and it has become a basic expectation rather than an added extra. Services and workplaces need to harness digitisation in all aspects to attract business from these groups, and the paper-based reality of the mortgage industry is discouraging many members of this generation, as both customers and employees.

Both new entrants and established players are employing new technology to provide a modern, fast and digitally-enhanced sales process to attract increasing numbers of business and the best future talent, while those sticking with traditional processes are increasingly struggling to compete. If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, find out how switching to Smartr365’s platform can help you stand out and beat the competition here.