Looking forward from the crisis, businesses need to be prepared for the abundance of businesses and employees who will be realising the potential benefits of working from home. Using tech platforms, such as Smartr365, that digitise data can help your business ensure you are ready to continue to adapt, grow and learn when lockdown is lifted.

At its core, digitisation saves time and removes the need to re-key data. This allows more time for brokers to focus on maintaining healthy communication with clients. Better means stronger client relationships which are vital for retaining current business and bringing in new clients. More crucially, ensuring your business is available and ready to advise will help ensure stability through the crisis and success moving forward.

Furthermore, using systems which digitise your data means documents and information can be hosted remotely via the cloud. Hosting data remotely makes it simpler, faster and more efficient for brokers to securely access the information they need on demand.

But it doesn’t stop there. In the long term, digitised data will transform the mortgage process from start to finish. Information collected and put into a fact-find from the beginning can be seamlessly shared with other parties at different stages of the application, making a frictionless experience for all. Ensuring you are using market leading technology will mean your business is ready to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders once recovery begins.

Lockdown has pushed the mortgage industry to utilise tech in ways which will lead to future growth and efficiency. Don’t get left behind. Schedule a demo here to see how we can help your business adapt to the current situation and beyond.