To compete in the mortgage industry, brokers will need more than a software solution, their system needs to cover the entire end-to-end mortgage journey. That requires a platform to support all the players in the process: to enable one-click instruction of solicitors, to workflows aligned with lender systems. By supporting all aspects of the process on the same platform, brokers can ensure that all key steps are automatically updated as they’re completed.  

Smartr365 connects the broker, lender, client allowing time-consuming processes to be completed in hours rather than days or weeks. Bank statements, wage slips and ID can be uploaded electronically by clients at home and automatically validated, eliminating delays waiting for the post. Applications can be submitted to lenders with a single click, and open banking can take the hassle out of affordability checks. Every part of the process can be streamlined by Smartr365 to improve the customer journey, reduce broker workloads and accelerate the process.

In a changing market, this is more important than ever. Even before Covid-19, longer-term fixes were growing in popularity and now brokers are having to negotiate their way around remortgaging in an increasingly hostile environment. Having a fully functioning, end-to-end platform has never been more crucial. Making the customer experience streamlined and efficient and putting yourself in the best possible position to retain and attract business, is more important than ever.

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