The past few weeks have been anything but normal for the mortgage industry. Among other issues, a key change that many businesses have faced is coordinating a workforce from home. Brokers have needed to access sensitive and detailed information for a wide range of clients from outside the office. Cloud-based tech systems, such as Smartr365, are crucial for a mortgage business’ success in these times. By adopting a cloud-based system, your firm can ensure anyone with an internet connection is able to access all their data securely in the same way they would from the office.

Mortgage systems which are hosted via the cloud are built for remote working, which means their security and stability when working remotely remains intact whether working from the office or your kitchen table. Ensuring that your security is not compromised in the current situation is vital for the success of your brokerage. Smartr365 is not only cloud-based, but since we are hosted remotely, a dedicated team is consistently working to ensure that we maintain our clients’ security throughout the crisis, how ever long it may be.

Furthermore, it is more important than ever for you and your business to maximise every interaction you have with clients and build strong relationships which can be utilised when normality returns. By adopting an end-to-end system like Smartr365, you are able to automate repetitive administrative tasks within the mortgage process, which frees up time for you to ensure that no key contact points are missed and you can dedicate the necessary time to reassure and work with your clients through this difficult time.

As the situation develops, we are working to ensure that we are on the ball with helping mortgage brokers wherever possible and delivering the best possible platform for you to work to the best of your ability, from wherever that may be. Schedule a demo here to talk to the team and find out if our platform can assist you with your remote working needs.