Smartr365 has today launched ‘SmartrSuitability’, a new platform feature which significantly reduces the time required to produce both mortgage and protection suitability letters, saving brokers up to an hour per application. SmartrSuitability is the final step in the end-to-end, automated mortgage process.

Drafting and populating suitability letters is a time-consuming process for both mortgage brokers and compliance managers. SmartrSuitability minimises the effort required for the process by giving brokers access to letter templates within the Smartr365 platform, whether working in the office or remotely. Client information is taken from Smartr365’s factfind feature and pre-populated in relevant fields. This removes the need for re-keying, with check boxes at each step to help brokers ensure that all of the necessary information is included.

SmartrSuitability also gives compliance managers more control. They can create fully customisable suitability templates to ensure that letters comply with the latest SEA regulations and prevent brokers using old, non-compliant versions. These can be personalised to suit the requirements of each network, and as many as needed can be stored on the Smartr365 platform. Managers can view active cases and check progress as templates are being filled out with no disturbance to the broker, the client, or the sales process.

Cameron Parsons, Product Manager, Smartr365 comments:

“We know that suitability letters have been an obstacle for brokers and their compliance procedures for some time. We’ve listened to users and developed SmartrSuitability to make the entire compliance process quicker, simpler, and more efficient.

“Automation removes many hours of manual work, and central control means firms don’t have to worry about submitting non-compliant paperwork. Brokers can access everything they need from within the Smartr365 platform, and compliance managers can ensure that the right templates are ready and waiting for them.”