A big challenge caused by the lockdown has been how to effectively manage a workforce remotely. Whether you’re in a team of two, twenty or two hundred, managers must ensure everyone has the tools and support they need to perform at a consistently high level. Read on to find our three top tips for how to help your team deliver results remotely.

Motivation – It’s not ground-breaking to reveal that employees are more likely to be motivated and productive when they’re completing engaging and rewarding tasks. But how feasible is it really for employers to ensure their workforce is consistently able to engage in rewarding tasks? We can’t change everything, but Smartr365 can reduce the need for brokers to manually re-key data, saving up to 7 hours per each application. Our technology automatically populates internal systems and integrates the information with lenders’ and other external solutions to eliminate the need to rekey. This straightforward solution leaves brokers free to focus on more interesting and productive tasks.

Performance & Talent – Managing paperwork and boosting motivation can also assist businesses in retaining talent. Even before the crisis, keeping top performers has always been a significant issue for firms. With many now forced to furlough staff, the importance of retaining valued members is growing. Kanban-style visibility, as used by Smartr365, enables managers to track both cases and employee activity. Even with brokers working from home, it’s easy to monitor your workforce and make sure everyone is supported properly throughout and a supported workforce is a valued workforce, which is far less likely to leave for a competitor.

Quality of Service – Maintaining an excellent quality of service for clients remains of vital importance to effectively deliver results. Mortgage transactions are likely the largest loan a borrower will take out in their life and getting the wrong deal could cost them thousands of pounds over the lifetime of the product. Brokers need to continue to deliver their best service digitally. Centralising and automating workflow can help brokers achieve this whatever their location. In addition, automatic reports, updates and correspondence helps to control the tone and speed of communications. Combine this with excellent visibility for both the broker and borrower, and you can ensure no client is overlooked or left behind.