We don’t need to tell you that the coronavirus has caused significant change for every industry around the world. Within weeks it has radically altered the way we live, travel and work. Even before the lockdown, the numbers of homeworkers were growing, with 1 in 10 choosing to work from home whether occasionally or full-time, with the housing industry no exception. Many predict that the office will never return to normal, so you and your business need to be prepared.

Planning for remote work is a terrifying prospect for many who work with sensitive data daily. Brokers need to be able to access, send and receive data securely and efficiently. Systems which digitise data allow for that data to be stored in the cloud. By storing data in the cloud, all parties can access the data with confidence wherever they are, provided they have an internet connection.

Furthermore, sophisticated technology is available to decisively verify ID online meaning that documents security can be upheld to the highest level should documents need to be signed remotely. In addition, platforms can tailor this service with lenders to ensure they are compliant with individual requirements.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the tools are available for the mortgage industry to offer flexible working conditions while adhering to strict security and compliance requirements. Customers can now expect a smooth application to be executed remotely, and businesses will be pushed to embrace change through technology to provide this. Will your business be ready?

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