During these uncertain times, we’re all growing and adapting as best we can. At Smartr365, we’ve found a few techniques that have worked well for us, so we’ve launched a webinar series to share these with you to help your business thrive through the lockdown. Read more to find a summary of what we discussed last week; and use this link HERE to join us for the next on 22nd May at 11am.

Embracing Change: With working from home becoming the ‘new normal’ for the workplace, it is important that your business keeps up with the competition by embracing the tech available to assist with this challenge.

Giving Advice: Even in times of crisis, borrowers still need access to advice on what will likely be the biggest loan of their lifetime. Brokers need to ensure they are on hand to assist with their client needs despite the challenges remote working throws at you. It is essential your business is implementing the right tech to help you prioritise advice and adapt to the changing landscape.

Getting organised: Working from home throws a whole host of challenges at us, and poor organisation can make these feel 10x worse. Smartr365 uses innovative workflows and automates processes to make it easier for you to track cases and remove the heavy lifting from the advice process.

Value of your clients: Winning clients through these challenging times can feel like an uphill struggle. With Smartr365, you can offer clients free AVMs and automated re-mortgage journeys, to help demonstrate your value and make their mortgage application that bit smoother through these difficult times.

Video Calling: The value of in-person meetings cannot be replicated, but video calls are bridging the gap until normality can resume. An added perk is the ability to record these calls and save these calls all in one place, ensuring you never miss a thing and have a clear trail for compliance requirements.

Use this link here to sign up to our next webinar where we’ll be tackling the question of what a good CRM system can do for your business on 22nd May at 11am.