Where there are dangers to consumers, regulation and scrutiny follow. And where is there a situation more loaded with potential consumer harm than a global pandemic? In times like this, it is essential to ensure your business has a clear paper trail for all decisions taken during the crisis to prove your compliance and competence throughout.

The housing industry has been hit hard by coronavirus, with the subsequent lockdown causing an unprecedented peacetime ‘freeze’ on the market. As company purse strings have been forced to tighten, smaller brokerages, which might not have had the resources or manpower to tick each box even before the crisis, may be finding maintaining a clear compliance trail especially tough.
Smartr365’s market leading technology automatically draws in customer details, meeting dates and product choices from existing data. Brokers can then simply click and select the paragraphs and sentences that apply to each case, creating fully compliant documents with a clear paper-trail in minutes without any additional work from the broker. Additionally, documents are time-stamped rather than being retrospectively recalled, helping guarantee the integrity of each record.
In addition, Smartr365 offers the ability to record virtual client meetings, verify ID and sign documents via the same platform, providing a secure and simple way to store all the necessary paperwork.
Automating compliance not only makes it straightforward and convenient, but it also means that advisers can be confident that their paperwork meets all of the latest legal requirements. As the industry begins to surface from the lockdown, you and your business can be confident in your compliance requirements.

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