About one third of businesses admit they don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support a sustained shift to working from home. We now face a long-term, if not permanent, trend of home working. As a mortgage broker, it is time to take stock by reviewing your hardware and systems to rethink how you can manage the mortgage process away from the office and without face to face meetings.

Questions that mortgage brokers should be asking themselves at present are:

  • Do you have the technology that provides efficient and effective ways to manage internal and external relationships remotely?
  • Do you have tools to monitor and manage the whole customer journey, from acquisition to completion and beyond?
  • Do you have the security to ensure sensitive customer data and communications are safe whatever/wherever the devices and data are being used?
  • Can you provide an end-to-end service and drive repeat business with a remote workforce?
  • Can you still deliver a personal service and maintain client relationships if face-to-face clients meetings aren’t happening as frequently?


If you are unsure in your company’s technology to provide any of these services, get in touch with our sales team at sales@smartr365.com or scheduling a demo here to see how Smartr365 can provide all this without the adviser lifting a finger.