Our current working environment isn’t going to last forever- thankfully! However, when we discuss returning to ‘normal’, we must be clear that normal is not going to be the world we lived and worked in before. We must begin to look at current business practices and assess what is working well, and what we will benefit from taking with us into our “new normal”.

Customer behaviours are changing, and understanding the new normal is essential for your business to thrive. Customer behaviours are changing, and we need to be prepared to provide the best possible service in terms of efficiency and convenience.

Technology has evolved and adapted through lockdown to provide a smooth and efficient customer journey from start to finish. Customers now expect the option of an entirely remote mortgage application. Many mortgage brokers have already began implementing and utilising this technology for themselves and their clients, if you don’t act quickly, you risk losing out on business to those offering a more streamlined and accessible service.

Being able to access documents, case information and client details wherever you are means that clients can always come first and get the highest standard of personal service.

The lockdown has forced the industry to accelerate in the innovation and adoption of technologies to allow for a more streamlined mortgage process from start to finish. IDs can be verified remotely, documents can be shared securely, and contracts get signed without a pen.

In an age where customers can expect instant information, brokers can’t afford to be slow. By embracing the technology now available, you can be one of the most efficient services a customer uses.

What brokers can do: The long and short of it, is you need to up your game. If you’re just starting to consider adopting tech now, you’re already behind. Change is scary, but it’s also exciting, and you and your business need to embrace it to ensure you don’t get left in lockdown.

By adopting tech and streamlining your processes, you can begin to search for new revenue streams to support your business. Know where you can increase revenue through product transfers, remortgaging and any additional areas you haven’t explored yet such a protection.

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