Update 17/03/2020
What’s new to Smartr365?
We’re bringing you the latest update to Smartr365 this evening, with new enhancements and improvements. Find out more below, and make sure to clear your cache and refresh your system so you can use the new features.
  • A “Country of Birth” field has now been added, separate from “Passport Country”
  • “Occupation Sector” is now a searchable dropdown menu
  • “Share Percentage” value for shared ownership cases now appears under overall purchase price, and the mortgage amount is automatically accordingly
Bug Fixes


Add New Lead
  • Fixed issue where leaving the panel after selecting a dropdown kept the dropdown in place
  • Long emails no longer run into the “X” icon to clear a search
  • Introducers can no longer drag items on the Kanban
    • Please note this had no effect on the status of cases, and was purely aesthetic
Quick Sourcing
  • Tiles to select a sourcing option no longer format incorrectly on mobile devices