Update 05/05/2020
What’s new to Smartr365?

We’re bringing you the latest update to Smartr365 this evening, with new enhancements and improvements. Find out more below, and make sure to clear your cache and refresh your system so you can use the new features.

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Headline Enhancements
Add New Lead
  • You can now go directly to a new case after adding it to Smartr365
  • “Separated” has been added as a marital status
  • You can now access the feedback forums without entering an idea
    • Click on “Feedback” to view, comment, and vote on how we should further improve Smartr365

Bug Fixes

Buildings & Contents
  • Fixed issue where spaces appeared between the post code on the Summary page
  • Corrected alignment on additional options on the Cases page when using Edge
  • Fixed an issue where identity verification would not fully complete
  • Removed ability to change whether the applicant is looking to raise further capital on a case that is marked as NPW
  • Can no longer change whether an NPW case is residential or BTL
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to scroll on the Kanban page when using Edge

My Credentials

  • Removed this redundant page from the CEO/Superuser account
  • Fixed issue where attempting to delete an introducer caused an error

Introducer Portal

  • Brand colours now correctly pull through onto the introducer portal
  • Resolved formatting issue with the logo on Big Screen Reports


  • Fixed issue where MortgageBrain Anywhere would not pull back saved data onto Smartr365

    Your Finances

    • Removed the duplicate pound sign under the “Saving Arrangements” page