Update 30/06/2020
What’s new to Smartr365?

This evening, we’re bringing you the latest update to Smartr365, with new enhancements and improvements. Find out more below, and make sure to clear your cache and refresh your system so you can use the new features.

Add releasenotes@smartr365.com to your address book to make sure you catch all the new updates.

Add New Lead
  • Can now set a follow up date and time when adding a new lead
  • Protection Advisers are now able to view notes on cases they have been referred
  • Protection Advisers are now able to view documents on cases they have been referred
  • Added explanations for any fields labelled as “Other”
Client Portal
  • Expanded the area to allow clients to add a new mortgage
  • Clients are now warned if attempting to change page without saving
  • Factfind information is now centrally aligned in the page
  • The “Get Verified” section now explains the options for uploading documents more clearly to clients
  • It is no longer compulsory to select a case handler when instructing a solicitor

Bug Fixes

  • Can no longer set a Follow-Up Date for a completed mortgage

Client Portal

  • Information for a second applicant is no longer depressed by default


  • Fixed issue where an error was flagged when instructing a solicitor


  • Early Repayment Charge details now correctly pull through from MortgageBrain Anywhere onto the mortgage application