As part of our commitment to continuous development, we have launched our ‘You Asked, We Built’ commitment on the Smartr365 platform. We’re really excited about how this feature is going to improve the platform for our users – read on to find out more.

Our ‘You Asked, We Built’ commitment allows users to give feedback on what they like and don’t like about Smartr365 in real time. Users are able to share what features they would like to see us build in the future.

Every user can see the feedback that their peers have given, as well as our responses to them. This allows for complete transparency to everyone and gives users the option to add further comments, or ‘up-vote’ suggestions, if they support these ideas.

The Smartr365 product team reviews this feedback on a daily basis and uses it to inform our development strategy, helping to ensure that we build the things that our users actually want and not simply what we think they might want.

This is entirely different from how mortgage-tech has worked historically – and we’re excited to be spearheading the way, revolutionising the mortgage process for our users.

Ensure your business isn’t left behind by scheduling a demo and seeing how Smartr65 can help your business adapt to the new normal here.