How using a centralised and ‘Kanban’ style system can provide essential help improve your business’ workflow as we continue to work from home.

A centralised system ensures that all those involved – regardless of where they’re based – have a clear and single view of each application’s progress. Clear milestones, such as the approval in principle, and work items (with alerts and reminders) ensure brokers can organise and prioritise their work remotely. Customers, meanwhile, get a sense of progress and aren’t left feeling their application has been forgotten.

Additionally, ‘Kanban’-style systems can map, track and visualise the customer journey, breaking it down into a series of work items or stages. Shared securely with those involved in the purchase, this provides the visibility required to track activity and drive the process forward efficiently by identifying work items and action points.

Does it sound like your mortgage business would benefit from these types of work styles? Why not scheduling a demo with our team of experienced advisers to see first-hand how they improve organisation and efficiency for businesses.