Smartr365: Hi Jens, firstly, welcome to the Smartr365 team!

Jens Wikholm: Thanks! I’m really excited about my new role and getting going!

Smartr365: Great! So, tell us a bit about what your day to day role at Smartr365 will be.

Jens Wikholm: My title is Director of Design and Experience. I’m going to take the tech we have and use it to establish an innovative design system which allows our users to use this sophisticated tech in the simplest way possible.

Primarily, I want to ensure all Smartr365 clients have a great user experience and get the most out of the platform, be they a mortgage adviser, an estate agent, or a consumer.

There is so much scope in the industry to improve the entire customer journey and that’s what I find most exciting about this role. We have the numbers and feedback to really drive innovation on the platform. We’re moulding the platform to give a truly seamless experience which drives our users’ revenue up.

Smartr365: That sounds great! So, on the other side of the coin, what do you see as the main challenges currently facing the mortgage industry that we can help to address?

Jens Wikholm: The mortgage industry can be compared to high street retail. Things are moving online, and processes are becoming digitalised. There is a very small portion of the market resisting this change at the moment, and the move online poses a serious risk to these companies.

Smaller companies need to be prepared for an ‘Uber’ to come along and kill the market – the only way that these businesses can have the chance to compete is if they are armed with the best tech. As customers expect a better experience in their mortgage application, Smartr365 gives these businesses to tools to provide it.

Smartr365: And where do you see the market heading in the longer term?

Jens Wikholm: Ideally, open banking will become standardised across the industry. The UK is ahead of that game when it comes to this at present, and consumer confidence in the process is beginning to grow.

If the mortgage industry was able to work with lenders to standardise our approach to open banking, it would be game changing. If we could open the door for getting mortgages from the broker approved by the lender through the platform, we could revolutionise the process.