Studies suggest that working from home can be just as effective, or even more productive, than office-based teams. As many mortgage businesses settle in for an extended future of working remotely, making sure you are choosing the right tech platform to ensure your team stays motivated is essential.

Managing remote teams can be challenging, particularly if working in this way was alien to you before March this year. Mortgage businesses are performance-based, so ensuring everyone have the right tools and support to perform at a consistently high level is essential for the success of your business.

Since March, we have all become familiar with working in this way, and tech has been vital to facilitate this. Now, as we settle in for a significant extension of remote work, ensuring you are using the right tech to facilitate continued productivity is essential.

Smartr365 is an end-to-end mortgage platform, meaning we provide support for users from the initial fact find process all the way through to completion, and beyond – when the time comes to remortgage. Keeping all applications in one place for all brokers means everyone is using the same system, has the same opportunities, and you are up to speed if things go awry.

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