It’s important that you’re using a tech platform that grows and adapts with you and your mortgage business – and it’s just as important that you know exactly what changes are made each month to ensure you’re getting the best out of it. At Smartr365, we implement a ‘You Asked, We Built’ commitment, meaning we use user feedback to build and improve the features our users directly require. Read on to find out more about the changes we made through September.

Don’t forget, users need to clear your cache and refresh the system in order to get the benefits of the new updates.

Performance Enhancements

  • A new field has been added, labelled ‘submission to lender date’, which captures the date to submission is made to the lender. This also appears as a compliance token when downloaded as a PDF file.
  • Within the report extension, the written mortgage report now returns more fields for information which can be used for audits. The fields include ‘sub-type’, ‘buy to let’, ‘completion date’, ‘status’, ‘property address’, ‘account number’, and more.
  • When adding a new lead, users are now presented with a new multi-page dialogue. Once a new lead is added, users can directly invite them to complete Fact Find, and enable or disable Digidentity while seeing how many Digidentity credits are remaining.
  • Case notes – For mortgage and protection cases, users can now send case notes to the first or second applicant on a joint applicant case.
  • On summary, fact find page, addresses are now ordered from most recent to oldest, this is the same for the fact find PDF download.
  • Twenty7Tec quick sourcing – Quick sourcing is available which now re-directs users to the Twenty7Tec web page. Users can also go through settings to set up the Twenty7Tec OAuth credentials. As users proceed to Twenty7Tec quick sourcing, they will be provided with a one-time password.
  • Protection Need & Demands – A new needs and demands section around protection for advisers has been created
  • The Invite to Fact Find subject field is now pre-filled
  • The Task feature has now been enabled


Bug Fixes

  • When adding a new lead, users are now presented with an error if they attempt to add more than one contact with the same email address
  • Loan-to-value calculations will now display correctly once mortgage information is entered
  • Solicitor details will now be pulled through from ULS instructions and populated into the mortgage product form
  • Protection advisers can now accept referrals if the original mortgage case has had a document deleted
  • The critical buildings and content policy should now display correctly.
  • When the fact find has been submitted, the application URL should now display correctly
  • On the Fact Find, under income – current employment, a new “Profit before tax” field has been added and is varied per employment type as below. These files are also on the client Fact Find and are exported to the PDF.
    • Sole Trader: Displays the profit before and after-tax for the different financial years.
    • Limited company: Displays the profit before and after taxation for the different financial years
    • Contractor: Displays the total income before and after-tax for the different financial years
    • Limited Liability Partnership: Displays the share of net profit before and after-tax for the different financial years
  • New customer support function entailing FAQ’s, alerts of the new features available and the new customer support chatbot, which can be launched through the Smartr App.
  • A System administrator account which will replace the CEO/ Superuser account. This entails a new user management function under settings. On the user management page, you can view all the users in your company, delete a user and see corresponding teams.
  • The Suitability report now displays a new token field to facilitate the information populated on the Needs and Demands. You can now add a new template, navigate to the protection needs and demands, and include Applicant 1 and 2 as well as selecting the required tokens.


Add to your address book to make sure you catch all the new updates as they come through.

‘Peak Mortgages & Protection Ltd’
“After using the Smartr365 CRM for a couple of months now, the benefits to my business are numerous, the main ones being:

  • Saving my time by having my clients completing their own on-line fact finds.

Giving Peak Mortgage Services Ltd a professional image to my clients whilst they are using their mortgage portal.

  • A seamless interaction with our mortgage sourcing and our protection software

which again saves time re-keying the same information.

  • Peace of mind that future remortgage opportunities won’t be missed due to the CRM

being able to send email reminders to our clients and alerting us to any remortgage and protection reviews that may be due.”