If the UK mortgage market were able to contract a virus, it would appear to have all the symptoms of ‘long COVID’, which seems to grip its victims tighter and for a lot longer than the more common strand of the virus. In order to maintain both client and employee retention, it is important that brokers focus on using fintech to replace previous disjointed, manual processes. Read here how you can use Smartr365 to do that in your business.

Shift in attitude

In March, there was understanding from clients if brokers struggled to meet short deadlines or retrieve sensitive data instantly as they settled into remote work.

However, we are now in our ninth month since the first lockdown and clients expect the same level of service they received pre-March. It’s plain that the only way to keep up with changing demands is by having the right tech.

The most obvious example is meetings. Companies and individuals have saved significant time and money by attending recent meetings and conferences virtually, and many have enjoyed the convenience.

Clients now expect this way of working to be seamlessly integrated into their mortgage application with little leeway for anything less.


Harnessing change

We have seen reports across all industries of drops in productivity and frustrations creeping in from both employers and employees as a result of continued remote work.

Tasks such as managing teams, onboarding new starters and team building are made increasingly difficult for businesses which suddenly find themselves separated and without a cohesive tech platform joining them together.

There are certain businesses thriving through the crisis and this won’t go unnoticed by both potential clients and existing employees.


Future success

Clients want the ability for secure and instant document transfers, employees will expect flexible working opportunities and neither party will expect to travel to every client meeting.

In order to maintain both client and employee retention it is important that brokers focus on how to create genuine productivity and success in our altered working environment, which is here to stay.