The Daily Express spoke to Conor Murphy recently about the importance of a borrower using a broker to navigate the vulnerable financial situation that they may find themselves in as part of a piece outlining the difficulty of managing higher repayments in a weakened economy after the end of a mortgage payment holiday. Read on to find out more about how Smartr365 can help brokers handle exceptional demand in this unique financial situation.

Lenders have faced a surge in demand over recent months, following government initiatives such as the stamp duty cut, which has extended the length of the average mortgage application. Using a comprehensive platform such as Smartr365 can allow a broker to quickly review client information in one place, before producing key facts illustrations and making recommendations. Smartr365 can therefore replace lengthy, manual processes with a quick and efficient alternative, saving valuable time.

Furthermore, Conor Murphy notes that ‘statistics are increasingly showing that many borrowers who missed payments due to coronavirus did not have an agreed payment holiday in place.’ It is therefore essential that brokers use an end-to-end platform to reliably retain all client data in one convenient place, to reduce the risk of forgotten missed payments or other data and ensure that advice remains up-to-date.

With remote and flexible working remaining popular across all industries, it is also critical that clients remain in contact with lenders. Smartr365’s 24-hour Fact Find tool allows clients to submit documents and information at any time, allowing advisers to start a productive day with all the necessary data and spend less time chasing clients.

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