This week we have updated our integration with Twenty7Tec to allow brokers to populate mortgage cases with sourced products. Find out more below and be sure to check out the new improvements in the Smartr365 platform!


We are continually improving our integration with Twenty7Tec. This week we launched the import of product details back into a mortgage case:

      • Products sourced via Twenty7Tec are available to review in the Case Services page for the mortgage
      • View the product details and which documents were generated on Twenty7Tec
      • Select which product you wish to import or pre-populate into the Smartr365 mortgage case
      • The selected product is shown as ‘Added to Case’
      • Choose which documents should be pushed to the Document Store for the case

Fact Find Improvements

A number of users wanted to add the banking details from the Fact Find into the ‘export to pdf’ function. This has been completed and is now available with this release. The product team always welcome feedback via our Feedback Forum, please continue to add your feedback for how we can continue to improve the platform in 2021.