This week we have updated Smartr365 mortgage and protection case information based on feedback from our customers. Find out more below and be sure to check out the new improvements in the Smartr365 platform!

Change Buyer Type

We are continually improving our Fact Find for advisers and their clients.

  • Sometimes our clients make mistakes and answer the form incorrectly. This may result in the wrong buyer type (First Time Buyer, Purchase, Remortgage etc.) from being chosen. We have now turned on the ability for advisers to update the selection and get the application back on track.
  • Remember that our forms are smart and adjust to the answers selected. If you update from a Purchase type to a remortgage type, the form with adjust to the new fields required. In this example, sections which are no longer applicable, like Source of Funds, will be removed from the form.


Protection Not Proceeding With

This week we build onto the functionality we released at the end of last year by adding the ability to select a reason for the Protection case not proceeding. This can be useful to review over time and for your client records for compliance and audit.


Update fees on Completed Cases

Often lenders will update the commission amounts paid for mortgage cases. Brokers want to record the actual commission amounts paid on the case, and often this is received after the case has completed. Now advisers will be able to update this field, even after the case has Completed.


Update to Fact Find

Added Second Nationality to Fact Find under Applicant Details.