This week we have updated they types of Conveyancing quotes that are available on Smartr365, and also made some other improvements. Find out more below and be sure to check out the new improvements in the Smartr365 platform!

ULS updates:

  • ‘Let to Buy’, ‘Sell a Property’, and ‘Buy and Sell a Property’ quote types are available via the Smartr365 integration with ULS eConveyancer, allowing you to offer more quote types to your clients.
  • We have also renamed all Conveyancing quote pages on the navigation stack and headings to refer to ‘Quotes’ rather then ‘Applications’

Bug fix:

Our engineers spotted some bugs and released the following fixes:

  • Scrolling issue on the Client portal where the Dependants section of the Fact Find that impacted smaller screens
  • Ability for advisers with multiple role access to be able to accept transfer of clients and referrals intra company.
  • Second applicant on a case can view completed and ongoing status updates via the Client portal.