This week we have updated the Buildings and Contents section so that you do not need an ongoing mortgage case. We also made some improvements to the conveyancing sourcing and Introducer Report. Find out more below and be sure to check out the new improvements in the Smartr365 platform!

Buildings and Contents updates

In the past, our Buildings and Contents cases used to be linked to ongoing mortgage cases.

Our customers told us that they wanted to be able to provide Building and Contents outside of the Mortgage journey, perhaps on existing properties already owned by the client.

  • This release removes the requirement for a Building and Contents case to be linked to a mortgage.
  • Instead the adviser can select from the owned properties, or those in the process of being purchased.


Sourcing Conveyancing Quotes

Certain fields are required to source conveyancing quotes. Smartr365 will pull through the data entered on the Fact Find so that you don’t have to. But, sometimes these fields haven’t been entered yet, so we’ve introduced our new error message panel which will help re-direct you to the spot on the Fact Find for you to enter the info and guide you back into Conveyancing once its complete.


Introducer Report

We had a number of advisers ask us about the Introducer report notes section. We have updated the ordering so that the most recent note is shown and updated the report headers so that they were consistent with the columns shown.